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Selection of high quality Patek Philippe replica watches, using Swiss movements with finishing over 95 to 99% of the original. All watches are selected and tested for absolute quality. Customizing replica Patek Philippe to be closest to original. Producing 18K solid gold Patek Philippe and customized with real diamonds – highest level in replica watch making.

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Some Useful Information About Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Concept of Patek Philippe replica watch

When mentioning 1:1 Patek Philippe replica watches, we are referring to Patek Philippe watches crafted with the highest perfection, copied 1:1 with genuine watches. Some equivalent concepts are often used such as: Patek Philippe 1:1 or Patek Philippe replica.

Features of Patek Philippe replica watches

  • Materials used: 316L stainless steel, monolithic sapphire glass, natural leather strap,… these are all high-quality materials in watch making.
  • Finishing: The details are finely finished, polished  and when touched, there are no ripples. The shape of the watch is softly finished.
  • Movement: Equipped with Swiss ETA movements or movements that copy 1:1 of each component.

Selling price of Patek Philippe replica watches

In the market, Patek Philippe replica 1:1 watches have a price of over 500 USD depends on each watch model. For watches with complex functions, the price is up to 900 USD, such as Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 from PPF factory.
For refined versions, the price can reach more than 1500 USD.

Demand of replica Patek Philippe watches

There are many reasons why the demand for Patek Philippe replica is currently increasing, such as:
  • The need to enhance spiritual value, owning watches to increase experience, personal value as well as fashion style.
  • Genuine products are overpriced and long waiting times. During use, it must be stored carefully and there is a risk of theft.
  • The variety of designs and quality of current replica Patek Philippe watches has been completed very well.

Which factory producing best Patek Philippe replica?

There are many factories producing replica Patek Philippe in the market, if you are new to this market, you will be confused and maybe fooled by other sellers. Here are some factories with best Patek Philippe replica models:

  • PP Factory (PPF): PPF is famous for making really good Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712. Some other best replica Patek Philippe from PPF are: PP Nautilus 5726, PP Aquanaut 5072, PP Nautilus 5724,…
  • 3K Factory (3KF): 3KF is very famous for making Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711, PP Aquanaut 5168, PP Aquanaut 5168, PP Calatrava 5227,…
  • GR Factory (GRF): GRF produces many models but the quality is medium compared to PPF and 3KF.