Beautiful Watch World (BWW) announces clear and transparent information for customers to better understand the regulations and product policies when purchasing watches at our establishments as follows:

1. Warranty Policy for Movements

Beautiful Watch World provides a 5-year warranty for the movements of all high-end 1:1 replica watches using Swiss Clone movements priced at over 10 million VND. Any manufacturer defects during use will be covered by Beautiful Watch World’s free warranty.

For affordable Japanese movement products, Beautiful Watch World offers a 1-year warranty for the movements. Any manufacturer defects during use will be covered by Beautiful Watch World’s free warranty.

2. Maintenance and Repair Policy

  • BWW supports customers in repairing and replacing watch components at the manufacturer’s original cost.
  • BWW provides maintenance services, including oil cleaning once a year and spa service to refresh the watch twice a year, for customers who purchase high-end 1:1 replica watches. All maintenance, oil cleaning, and spa services are free for the lifetime of the watch.

Note: The free Lifetime Maintenance, Oil Cleaning, and Spa service policy applies when customers purchase products at a price not discounted by more than 15% off the listed price on the website. For customers who purchase products at a discount exceeding 15% off the listed price, Beautiful Watch World only offers repair and maintenance services at the original cost.

3. Product Exchange Policy

All customers who purchase watches at Beautiful Watch World can have defective products exchanged for new ones within 15 days from the date of purchase, provided that the product is still in 100% new condition and has not been worn.

4. Conclusion

Beautiful Watch World is always ready to provide conditions and maximum support to customers who purchase our products. The policies may vary and can be negotiated with customers on a case-by-case basis and during specific periods, with the desire to always serve customers as deities at Beautiful Watch World.

Beautiful Watch World takes pride in being the leading reputable distributor of high-end 1:1 replica watches in Vietnam.

Best regards,